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  • Proof of automobile ownership and proof of insurance are required to store a vehicle. In lieu of proof of insurance, a signed and dated letter acknowledging that My Other Garage does not provide primary coverage insurance on your stored vehicle is acceptable;
  • My Other Garage insures the car storage facility, but insuring your car is your responsibility
  • Stored vehicles should have convertible tops up, sunroofs closed and windows up when they are stored
  • Vehicles should be stored dry
  • Cars must be stored with a drain pan underneath—these can be purchased from My Other Garage or at any auto parts store
  • Covers are not required, but owners of the cars stored at our facility are advised to use them
  • Stored vehicles must be transported to a repair facility to have major repairs or work done on them
  • My Other Garage can assist in arranging transportation for stored cars, at an additional fee
  • No storage of gasoline or other flammable chemicals is allowed
  • Owner should ensure that the stored vehicle has only a minimum amount of gasoline in the tank
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